The audience will include directors, vice president and other senior executives, managers, innovators, and medical officers from the following organization types:

Integrated Delivery Systems, Health Plans, Employers, Accountable Care Organizations, Hospital, PHO's, MSO, PPMCs, Managed Care organizations, Group Practices, IPAs, Purchasers, Information technology Specialists, Pharmaceutical and Device Co mpanies, State health Agencies, Healthcare Law Practices, Pharmacies

Titles Also Include:

CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Chief Medical Officers, CAO, COOs, CIO, Executive Directors, Medical Directors, Information Technology, Data Analytics, Directors of Quality and Health Management, Quality Assurance, Innovation, Business Development, Clinical Performance, Pharmacy Department Managers, Department Directors, Information Systems Managers, Senior Managers of Clinical Effectiveness, Directors and Managers of Health & Wellness, Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits, Benefit Design, Utilization Management, Chronic Disease Improvement, Managers and Directors of Diabetes Centers and departments, Marketing Officers, Diabetes Educators

Why This Conference Is Different from Other Industry Conferences?

Diabetes Management Innovations focuses on hands-on solutions that highlight innovative processes, best practices, and real-world collaborations that are effective in raising the ROI on your diabetes programs. Hear solutions that are practical innovations and case studies from health plans, experts, employers and providers from operations, reimbursement, training, new models, effective collaborations- not just medical and clinical findings!

And this year, Our Second Annual Diabetes Management Innovations Summit is more targeted and relevant than ever!

This insight-rich and solutions-packed conference is full of innovative, out-of-the-box perspectives and best-practices that will turn around the metrics in your diabetes management function and program.

We brought together from all sides of the health care continuum a line-up of leading- edge practitioners, thinkers and innovators in diabetes care, population health management and disease management who will share their findings and outcomes with lessons for continuous advancement. In this executive summit, you'll be able to share ideas and insights and participate in dynamic interdisciplinary discussions where true brilliant advances are often fostered and germinated. Whether you are an executive or leader in a health system, provider, employer, or health plan, Attend this year's summit to gain innovative ideas that you can implement immediately to turn the direction of your diabetes population health.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Real-world, hands-on case studies and solutions  focused on practical solutions in diabetes management from the operational, business perspective, not just the medical and clinical.
  • Replicable modelsyour team can learn and applyto raise the ROI on your diabetes efforts
  • Hear the latest developments that link the innovations coming from gaming, technology, pharmaceuticals, devices, to the efforts and breakthroughs made from health plans, providers and collaborative partnerships.
  • Network and connect with leading practitioners and healthcare innovators who are actively applying and leading in new effective methods to advancing diabetes prevention and management.
  • Understand the holistic, total solutions picture to understand what your particular challenges and opportunities are no matter where in the healthcare ecosystem you represent

The diabetes epidemic is a complex problem with a complex chronic disease and we bring you a finely tuned balance of real-world case studies, expert led discussions, and instructive sessions.

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Diabetes Management Innovations